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Designing one most epic events in the Netherlands

For over four years, Redmixx has proudly crafted the designs that define Metz. This year, we were honored to once again create the captivating artwork for Metz Festival 2024. The festival turned out to be an incredible, sold-out event, filled with unforgettable moments and vibrant energy. It was a true testament to the passion and creativity that goes into every aspect of the festival. Metz Festival will return next year, promising even more excitement and artistic brilliance. If you missed it this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next year's edition. You won't want to miss out again!
Check out Metz at: www.metzevents.nl

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The artwork for Metz Festival adorned every street in the Netherlands! Footclub Events, the masterminds behind Metz Festival, never fail to ensure that everyone hears about their incredible events. Redmixx is thrilled to have collaborated with Footclub for years; seeing our designs displayed across the streets is always a source of immense pride and joy!


Footclub Events also excels in online promotion, ensuring that the buzz about Metz Festival reaches far and wide across digital platforms. Their effective online strategies amplify the excitement, making sure that the event is eagerly anticipated by a global audience. 

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