We’ve been incredibly busy over the past few years and haven’t had the chance to update you on our activities. Now that our creative network is expanding, we’ve found some time to share what we’ve been up to and what we’re currently working on!

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Service Tomorrow 2024 by TKC

On June 13th, TKC Digital hosted the annual "Service Tomorrow" event at the iconic Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Redmixx crafted stunning artwork for the event’s promotion and created all the visuals displayed throughout the day

Everion sport bg slide

Everion Sport

We at Redmixx are excited to showcase our latest project: the complete redesign of the logo, branding, and social media presence for Everion Sport!Everion Sport is driven by the mission "Verzekeringen voor elke sport."

Tokkoh website

Designing TOKKOH

At Redmixx, we don't just design...we create experiences. When we got the call to collaborate with the phenomenal duo Diaz & Bruno on their latest track, "TOKKOH," we knew we were in for a creative ride.

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Metz Fest 2024

For over four years, Redmixx has proudly crafted the designs that define Metz. This year, we were honored to once again create the captivating artwork for Metz Festival 2024. The festival turned out to be an incredible, sold-out event.

Cinhive dash web

Coinhive Crypto dashboard

At Redmixx, we understand the complexities and challenges of managing a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio spread across multiple platforms. That's why we've designed an innovative dashboard for Coinhive.