Discover the art of captivating logo design at Redmixx, where every creation goes beyond visuals to tell your unique brand story. Our seasoned designers specialize in crafting strategic visual identities that resonate with your audience. Creativity knows no bounds here; our innovative designs are tailored to convey your brand's essence. Collaborate with us to create a timeless logo that sets your brand apart. Redefine your identity with Redmixx – where every design is a masterpiece, and every client is a story waiting to be told.


A SMALL SELECTION of the logo's we made

Just a small selection from the hundreds of logos we've crafted with passion and precision.

Logo Greenleaf on black
Hb logo dec
Logo wit
Menergy new lang blauw logo
Rood wit
Toaster club logo
Patrick Brown Logo White
Logo included final kopie
Mcsk logo white

We don't just make logos; we create iconic representations of your identity that leave a lasting imprint.

Wired outline 117 vector design


Wired outline 1328 web design


Wired outline 61 camera


Wired outline 1036 movie camera


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Over the past few years, Redmixx has had the privilege of collaborating with more than 60 extraordinary companies, contributing our creative expertise to elevate their brands.

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Screenshot 2024 02 09 at 17.09.59

These are just some of the companies Redmixx worked for the last years